People we dislike for good reasons

1. Brake tappers.

2. Coffee drinkers who take 10 mins putting sugar and cream shit into their coffee and taking up the entire counter when all I need is a napkin.

3. Couples in matching sweaters. This makes me sad. (Mostly because I can’t get my bf to wear a matching sweater with me).

4. People who read their powerpoint presentations word for word.  Slowly. In a horribly monotone voice that makes me want to shove pens in my ear so the blood will drown out their voice.

5.  People who walk really slow in front of me. It’s like driving on the freeway, move to your right so I can pass!!

6.  Fat girls on treadmills who start panting and wheezing after 5 mins. It is painful to watch as it is to hear.

7. ppl who kant spell rite and use acronyms for errthing.

8. Stupid neighbors with stupid dogs that start barking at 4am.

9. Really really nice waiters/waitresses who make me feel like I need to be overly nice as well or else they will spit in my food.

10. Adam Lambert.

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